October Kollage Restock!

Looking to get your hands on some Kollage Square Needles or Pointed Crochet Hooks? You’re in luck!

We have just restocked our Circular Firm Kollage Square Knitting Needles, as well as our Kollage Square Pointed Crochet Hooks. These guys are super popular and will go quickly on this year’s virtual fiber fairs!

Check our Inventory and place your order here: https://applehillfarmnc.com/product-category/alpacayarn/needle-and-hook-nook/

If you aren’t familiar, the Kollage Square Needles and Kollage Square Crochet Hooks are user friendly, ergonomic, and gentle on your hands. The unique square shape not only makes the needles or hooks easier to grasp, but they also create more uniform stitches!

The Original Four Sided Kollage SQUARE Knitting Needle Precise points and smooth joins that swivel. Each square needle is laser etched with size and length. The new firm cable is similar to most other circular cables out in the market, except a little softer so it’s ready to knit with right out of the package.

The unique square shape of each Kollage square needle makes them easier on your hands and create more uniform stitches. They are ergonomically designed and are perfect for slippery yarns or if you knit tightly. These square needles are ideal for knitters who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or stiffness in their hands and fingers.

Always smooth, never tarnishes. Kollage Square Needles are crafted with anodized aluminum, which not only gives them a beautiful titanium finish, but guarantees that your needles will never lose their smooth surface or develop worrisome tarnish.
Due to the difference in Square Kollage Square knitting needles to traditional knitting needles, we strongly recommend you knit a swatch for gauge. Please note: Generally knitters go up one needle size for circulars and DPN’s to obtain gauge.

Every kollage SQUARE™ needle purchased enables their parent organization Career Services, to expand employment opportunities for individuals with barriers by working with employers and community partners.  By providing specialized supports, they help people pursue their work goals.   We are truly knitting together and connecting the world of needle arts/hobby craft with an inclusive social mission!

Career Services embraces the connection between knitting and their employment services; metaphorically speaking Knitting and job development share four recurring themes; starting something new, repeating a pattern (skills development), changing things (coping with job expectations/changes), and creating an ending (finding employment).

Over the years Career Services has been able to service thousands of individuals who face barriers to employment, to provide them with training, real work experiences, community placement opportunities, and one on one coaching.  We are “knitting lives together” by assisting barriered individuals to practice and master the stitches they use daily to create employment.

Check our Inventory and place your order here: https://applehillfarmnc.com/product-category/alpacayarn/needle-and-hook-nook/

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