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Apple Hill Farm is home to two types of fiber animals – Alpacas and Angora Goats.


Alpacas are native to Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Since 1987, alpacas have been living on farms and ranches all over the United States. Alpacas are raised for two main purposes: their beautiful fiber and their market value as breeding livestock. There are 22 different natural fiber colors, from black, to grey, to white and all shades of brown. Alpacas have the most natural fiber colors of any animal used for fiber in the world! Alpacas are sheared once a year to harvest around 5-8 pounds of fiber per animal. The fibers are soft and have a hollow core. When spun and knit into sweaters, scarves or socks, the fibers provide insulation without being hot and do not hold moisture or odor. On top of that, they have a luxurious softness! Alpaca fiber is also considered to be hypoallergenic because it does not contain lanolin (found in wool from sheep), or other allergens.


Angora goats originate from Turkey, but have been raised in the United States for many decades – The American Angora Goat Breeder’s Association was founded in 1900. Angora goats are raised both as a fiber animal and as a fun, gentle livestock animal to have around the farm because of their gentle personalities. Angora goats grow an average of 1 inch of  hair a month and must be short every 6 months. Most Angora goats produce 10 to 12 pounds of fiber every 6 months. Angora goats can vary widely in color; from pure whites to true blacks, plus many shades of red, brown, grey, and gold! The hollow cored fleece of Angora goats is called mohair and has a wide variety of uses. Because of its beautiful curls, some mohair is sold as curls, or locks, straight off the animal! These locks are great for crafting and are often used to make doll hair, Santa beards, and teddy bears. Mohair can also be spun into a lustrous and beautiful yarn. Unlike most other sheep and goat fibers, mohair has a very minimal lanolin content and is very gentle on the skin.


Come and meet our alpacas and goats or contact us about alpacas and goats for sale. Apple Hill Farm welcomes all kinds of visitors!


Alpacas For Sale
Gelded Males - $500
Stitch - dark brown DOB:6-12-2002
Meadow Lark - true black DOB: 8-20-2008


Females - $2,500
Autumn - Dark Brown/Black DOB 9-23-2007
Sunny - Medium Brown DOB 9-4-2007
Spider - Dark Brown DOB: 9-19-2008


Angora Goats for Sale
We are expecting angora goat kids for fall 2014. If you are interested in purchasing an Angora goat, please contact us about getting on our waiting list. Females are $400, Wethered males are $300.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 828-963-1662, email us, or use our online request form.